Designing Your Life for Women 

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DYL for Women” is an intensive, hands-on workshop experience where you will learn and apply the Life Design© method to your own life.  

We will focus on balance and energy, use ideation techniques to help get you unstuck, build Odyssey Plans for three potential futures, and define ways to prototype the compelling parts of these futures.

Best of all, you will do this in a community of women who have come together with a common purpose and who will support you on this life design journey.
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DYL Mindfulness & Meditation process

Check out the Mindfulness
& Meditation at DYL! 

Through the weekend you will exprience different mindful ways of integrating your mind, body and spirit. It will leave you feeling  relaxed, centered, and open. 

"I enjoy my role in the Designing Your Life for Women workshop where we create a space for participants to unwind, and reveal
a deeper awareness of themselves." ~ Andrea

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